Wow, word is spreading

Salem-RamonePhotoGK4A9536 (2)I am so excited, people and outreach program are praising what Straight Up and On Pointe stands for and what we are trying to accomplish. Many amazing people are stepping forward and offing use of their studios, stages, video and green-screens free of charge to help us get off to a great start.  Please come join us and be apart of something amazing.

Straight Up and On Pointe will put on several performances a year. Every performance will not only spread awareness on issues such as bullying, homelessness, and outreach programs just to name a few. We will also donate a portion of the shows profits to the cause we are dedicating the performance to.

Please help spread the word.

Straight Up and On Pointe “stronger than the fear inside”

1510653_1203184406362642_2899721130964150566_nSomethings in your life you just know you are destined to do. You may not even be aware of it until out of the blue it hits you in the face. This is how it happened to me. I showed a friend a monologue I had written for my daughter and she was so impressed with it she asked if I could help out with her Urban Theater Company, a social issue based performing arts company for teens. I related so well with the performers she asked if I would join her with her Urban Theater Project. this was an extension of her company that was part of the Juvenile Courts. Of course, I said yes, and I loved every minute of it. to see the kids come in on the first day kicking and screaming at being forced to participate in a performing arts program.  To watch these kids come in three days later, excited and full of ideas for the show they were putting on.

I knew then that this is what I meant to do. this is where I belong, this where I can do the most good. So wish me luck.